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Pixel Cartel Hundred Dollar Bill Cones | King Size 50 Pack | $100 Rolling Papers with Tips - Slow Burning Money Themed Pre-Rolls

Pixel Cartel Hundred Dollar Bill Cones | King Size 50 Pack | $100 Rolling Papers with Tips - Slow Burning Money Themed Pre-Rolls

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Pixel Cartel Prerolled Cones
Pixel Cartel Pre-Rolled Cone Papers are the best way to enjoy your favorite strains. These cones are the perfect size, and made with 100% organic ingredients. Now you may enjoy your favorite strains without the hassle of rolling your own Js while giving the impression that you are smoking 100 dollar billls! With Pixel Cartel's Resealable Container Technology (PXCCT) you will be able to store and protect your product in the best way possible! You won't find a better quality product on the market today.

Ideal Size
Pixel Cartel Prerolled Cones are PERFECT IN SIZE - Each Premium Pre-Rolled Cone has a 4.2 Inches Long - Each Tube contains 3 Cones (4 Tubes x 3 Cones = 12 Cones total). These cones can hold up to 1.5 grams of organic plant matter depending on the texture, fluffy herbs take more space than dense herb!

Earth Friendly
Each cone is made with Natural Plant Fibers, Non-Toxic Vegetable Oil Coloring, and Organic Sugar Glue, that's it. It is Organic, All Natural, 100% Vegan, Non-GMO, Non-Toxic, and Unbleached! Rest assured that when you smoke Pixel Cartel Prerolled cones you are smoking high-quality paper, no pun intended

Benjamin Design
Benjamin Franklin is one of the most iconic men in American history. He's the first U.S. Ambassador to France, inventor of the lightning rod, and also a pretty good role model for anyone who's trying to earn their way up in this world. Now you can smoke America's favorite Founding Father with this pack of pre-rolled cones designed with Benjamin Franklin's face on them giving the illusion that you are smoking hundred dollar bills!


Features & details

  • Stylish Design - Inspired by the iconic Benjamin Franklin $100 bill, adding a touch of luxury to your smoking experience.
  • Organic & Vegan - Crafted from natural plant fibers, vegetable oil coloring, and organic sugar glue
  • Quick & Convenient - Pre-rolled cones designed for easy packing, saving time and ensuring a smooth smoking experience
  • Even Burning & Consistent Experience - Our carefully crafted cones ensure a slow, even burn for a satisfying and reliable smoking session every time.
  • Pixel Cartel Cones - Make a statement with premium quality rolling papers that showcase your unique style
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